Jardin Botanico

The botanical gardens of Buenos Aires are another park designed by the famous landscape designer Carlos Thays.   The gardens were inaugurated in 1898 and were given an award .  They are located right in the heart of Palermo, beside Plaza Italia and the Zoo.  The gardens have more than 5,500 species of plants, shrubs and trees, coming from all continents of the world.  For example, you can find plants that are native to China, India, Australia, and parts of Africa and are all labeled for those interested on Botany.
 The garden is full of large trees, casting a beautiful sunray effect on sunny days.  There are also many beautiful sculptures and fountains, and park benches where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere.   Although there is some green grass, its not like most parks than have lots of open space for picnics or for kids running around.
Unfortunately, the park is bordered by Las Heras and Santa Fe, meaning there is no escape from the sound of heavy traffic.  There are also dozens of cats that have been abandoned by their owners, and have taken up the botanical gardens as their new residence.
For those interested in botany, the garden is mucho more than just a nice park.  Not only is there an opportunity to see plant species from around the world, the gardens also offer various courses programs and tours.  This information, including current hours of operation, can be found on their homepage: http://www.jardinbotanico.gov.ar/ The entrance to the garden is free.